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Our Story

When we are asked to talk about ourselves, we have difficulty in explaining what we do. So if I tell you about my dreams, you will have an idea.

When I was studying fashion design at the institute, and when I was asked what I would do in the future, I always said that I would build my own brand at the age of 30. I think that we must first express our dreams in order to realize them.

After finishing school at the age of 23, I worked as a designer in some boutique companies and a few export oriented companies. As I transferred the pleasure of creation to the practice with experience, curiosity and knowledge, I became more and more happy.

And when I reached thirty, I established my own brand with my own name. Since 2016, Aslı Doğan brand has been in the sector with its own designs and own production with its dynamic, high quality and innovative stance.

One of my goals in creating the brand was to export; In 2017, the brand began exporting to Italy, Germany and the United States of America. Our colorful journey, each step of which is precious for us, thus crosses the boundaries and travels to new channels.

This path goes through love, primarily with labor, then the quality we never compromise, and the trust we gain as a result. We do our job fondly; we work hard as a team to reach what we love. We continue our way excitedly with the pleasure of making our customers happy.

With my passion for creation, my energy and my wonderful staff, we go where my dreams go.

            To change, to transform and to see you…

            Stay with love…